Estate Planning

Why You Need Estate Planning NOW
What if you are seriously injured in a car accident and although you recover physically, your mind is confused? Who would pay your bills?
What if your spouse is out of town and you are rushed to the emergency room? Who would make medical decisions for you?
And, yes, what if you die?
Hopefully, you will never be injured, disabled or suffer from dementia.
Hopefully you will live to meet your great-grandchildren.
But, truth be told, you have no idea when you will die only that it will happen sometime.

How Estate Planning Will Help You

Estate planning will help you protect your spouse, children, values, and peace of mind.  Estate planning is more than planning for your death, it is also planning for the possibility of disability.  You will have:
Created a plan in case something happens to you and/or your spouse while you are living but unable to manage your assets or make decisions.
Chosen and documented people you trust to make medical decisions for you if you are unable.
Chosen and documented people you trust to receive your protected health information from physicians with no hassle.
Notified your power of attorney agents and guardians for your children as to their responsibilities and provided detailed instructions about what to do, should they be needed.
Designated long-term and short-term guardian(s) for your children, in order of preference, and created a legally binding document ranking your choices.
Planned to avoid estate death taxes and prevent your assets from going through the 12-18 month probate process so your assets are immediately available for your family (trust plan).
Named a financial guardian to care for your assets on behalf of your children until they reach an age you choose.
Preserved your intangible legacy of who you are in your own voice for generations to come. 
The Documents You Absolutely Need

Revocable Living Trust or Will
General Durable Power of Attorney
Living Will
Healthcare Power of Attorney
Release of Protected Medical Information
Instructions to the people you name to make decisions for you.
Parents with minor children: Family Protection Plan 
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