Helping A Loved One With A Mental Disability

When Do You Need a Guardian and Conservator Appointment
What if a loved one is seriously injured in a car accident and although they recover physically, their mind is confused.  Who would legally pay their bills and make decisions for them?
What if a loved one is suffering from dementia and is dangerously living on their own?
What if a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimers?
What if a loved one is born with a mental disability?  Who will be legally responsible for them after they reach age 18?
The legal solution is called guardian and conservator appointment by a judge.
How Guardian and Conservator Appointment Will Help You

Guardian appointment will enable you to have the authority to make personal decisions for your loved one, including:
Where they live
What medical attention they will receive
Where they will go to school
Where they will be employed, and
If they will be able to have a drivers license and vote

Conservator appointment will give you the authority to make financial decisions for your loved one, including:
How financial assets will be managed
Managing the sale of real estate or managing property as a rental, and
Paying bills and managing credit.
They will not be able to contract for purchases, obtain a credit card or own a firearm.
Why You Need Help with the Court Process

Linda will help you by knowing and taking care to meet all statutory requirements every step of the way.  She will:
Collect the information, draft and submit the petition
Obtain the required doctor evaluation
Prepare an Order for the court appointment of the guardian ad litem
Coordinate the hearing date
Prepare and coordinate delivery of required notifications
Prepare the court Order of Appointment
Represent you at the court hearing, and
Provide information and guidance on fulfilling the duties of a guardian and conservator.

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