My Estate Planning Process

My Process

My process is designed to minimize confusion.  There are three meetings.

The Discovery Meeting

The Discovery meeting is a review of your background, history and family situation.  I listen to your concerns. If you have concerns about long-term care, we talk about designing a plan to safeguard your assets from the high cost of nursing home care. If you have minor children, we talk about what would happen to your minor children if you did not come home.  We talk about the probate process and use your financial numbers to personalize what would happen for you and your family.  Assuming there is a good fit between you and my services, an estate planning level that is right for your family is agreed on.  Your investment is all inclusive so there are no surprises.  An accurate investment cannot be determined until I know what your concerns are and the possible solutions.

If we are a good fit, we immediately begin to move you closer to solving your concerns by designing a plan that is right for you and your family.  The plan will meet your goals and incorporate your values.  You know your family and what you want to achieve.  I know the law.

The Document Signing Meeting

At the Document signing meeting, we will review the key terms of each document before signing.  All your questions will be answered.

At this meeting, I will provide you with two topics to choose from for the Priceless Conversation.  The Priceless Conversation is a way to preserve your intangible legacy for your children and future generations. (See Services for more information) 

If you have a trust plan, a diagram for your plan is used to visually show how the trust will work during your lifetime to support the management of your assets and how your assets will transfer at your death.  Funding your trust by changing the ownership of your assets from yourself to the trust is also discussed.  You will receive a spreadsheet of your assets to show how they are currently owned.  The spreadsheet assists you and me in tracking the transfer of asset ownership to the trust.  You will receive a Funding Toolkit with instructions on asset transfers.  I also provide unlimited assistance if you are funding the trust yourself.  A deed transferring ownership of your property to your trust is also signed at this meeting.  I take care of recording your deed. 

The Delivery Meeting

This is not called the final meeting because this is the beginning of a lifetime relationship.  At this meeting you receive your original documents.  You also receive a CD containing a scanned copy of all your signed documents.  Copies of your health care documents are provided so you can immediately provide family members and doctors with a copy.  Each person you selected as executor for your will, agent for your General Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney receives a letter from me which describes their responsibilities and duties.

At this meeting, if you have a trust, your asset spreadsheet is updated and any questions about the transfer of assets are answered.

Last but not least, your Priceless Conversation is recorded as the beginning of your legacy library.

Relationship Beginning

In most law firms, the relationship ends when you receive your original documents.   This is where I am different.  I stay in touch to ensure that your estate plan will continue to fit and work for you as time goes by and your family situation changes.  I do this by contacting you at a minimum of every three years.  At that time, we will make an appointment for you to come in to receive a complimentary review of your estate plan.  Not only does the review keep your plan up to date, it also brings me up to date so if something happens to you, valuable time is not lost when I help your family decide what happens next.  You will have peace of mind knowing that I will be here to assist the people you love most.

If a relationship is what you are looking for, call to schedule an appointment now.

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