What To Do When Death Happens

What To Do When Death Happens
What if a family member does not have a Will or Trust when they die?
What if all the beneficiaries are also named as executors?
What if there is not enough money to pay all the debts?
How do you avoid legal landmines and meet legal deadlines?
Whether you:
     are named the executor in the Will,
     are named the Successor Trustee of a Trust, or
     are volunteered by the family when there is not a Will or Trust ,
Linda can ease your mind and provide specific answers to your questions to avoid confusion and possible personal liability.

How Linda Can Help You With or Without a Will

When a loved one dies, you can be confused about what to do next. 
Maybe you heard that you must go to the courthouse with the original Will and start the probate process.

Linda recommends that you come to see her before taking any action. 
In some cases, qualification as executor with the Probate Clerk is totally unnecessary.  There are shortcuts that are available only if you have not qualified with the Clerk. If you do qualify as executor unnecessarily, you still have to comply with all court requirements.
She will help you:
    qualify if that is the best way to proceed.
    create a plan to manage the orderly transfer of assets in keeping with the deceased wishes,
    comply with the required court notification of heirs,
    prepare the Inventory of estate assets, and
    prepare all reports, notices, consents, receipts and accountings for closing the estate.

How Linda Can Help You With Trust Administration

If you are named as the Successor Trustee of a Trust, Linda can also help you:
    notify the beneficiaries,
    perform an inventory and appraisal of Trust assets,
    pay debts in an orderly plan, and
    create a plan to manage the orderly transfer of assets in keeping with the deceased wishes.

For an ongoing Trust, she can help you:
   prepare annual accountings and
   make disbursements to beneficiaries.

Linda will provide compassionate counsel and advise on questions arising from administration of the estate of a loved one.

Do not see the Probate Clerk or start distributing trust assets before consulting with Linda.  Call 966-9700 now.


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